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Can this skype, live messenger, yahoo messenger, https website work after I am connected to the VPN server?

From our test, all standard / popular application will work as it is after you connect to our VPN server. If you find an application that does not work, contact our support team at and they will assist you with it.

How does VPN actually work?
It adds a new network interface to your computer and all your Internet data is then transmitted through there to our VPN server encryted before it's transmitted to the destination server or service.
Will VPN slow down my system or internet connection?
No, generally you won't notice any slowness and VPN connection may even speed your Internet access up. Why so? for example: Most internet traffic from Phillippines to Malaysia is being routed through USA and then back to Malaysia but traffic to Singapore is direct. An Internet user from Phillippines will be able to access the Malaysia server faster if they connect to our VPN server in Singapore first because the route will then be: Phillippines > Singapore > Malaysia ( overall distance is much shorter ) compare to Phillippines > USA > Malaysia
Can I cancel by existing ISP and only connect to your VPN service?
No, you need existing (Cable, DSL, dial up, Satellite, etc) internet connection to be able to use VPN service.
Can I increase the speed of my connection when using VPN service?
No, you can not increase your existing connection with your ISP. Some users do report that P2P applications run better on the VPN.
Can I get trial account prior to purchase?
Sorry we do not offer trial accounts for security reasons. We will however issue a refund if the account you ordered does not work for you. Please check our refund policy
What ports should be open on firewall/router for it to work? (applies to PPTP login only)
No ports should be open, however your ISP must allow GRE protocol for you. In most cases you won't experience any problems connecting to our VPN server from any place, please contact us if you do.
Does VPN service also protect other protocols such as IMAP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, SSH and others?
Once you are connected to our VPN server, all internet traffic is transmitted through the virtual network interface, which protects all protocols.
I have connect to your US based VPN, but I still see that my computer IP is detected as not USA.
Some sites do not open for me when I am using VPN, while they open normally when not using VPN. Please help.
These questions require individual solution. Please contact our 24/7 Support Team with the details of the problems and append the result of running 2 programs when you are connected to our VPN:
- Start -> Run -> cmd -> ipconfig/all
- Start -> Run -> cmd -> route print

Some websites detect my IP as not USA (France, UK, Germany, Australia). Why and what can I do with that?
Some websites use different ways of detecting the country of your IP. If this happens - please send us a tracert report.

Do the following:
- Start -> Run -> cmd -> tracert

(replace with the website - for example

Which VPN server location should i choose?
It all depends on what you need to achieve. If all locations works for you, choose the VPN server that you have the lowest ping time to for the fastest speed.
I can connect, but cannot browse.

First make sure you're not connected to the VPN. Then,

For Windows XP, 2000, etc:

- Go to control panel - administrative tools - network connections.
- Right click your local area connection, and select "Properties"
- On the resulting dialog, select the TCP/IP protocol to highlight it, then click the "Properties" button.
- Once the dialog opens up, in the bottom section, select the radio button "use the following DNS server addresses" - in there, put the following:

Save and exit the networking dialogs, and then try to connect again.

For Windows Vista:

- Go to Control Panel - Network and Sharing Center - click the "View Status" link for your Local Area Connection
- Click the "Properties" button
- Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then hit the "Properties" button
- Proceed as above for setting custom DNS name servers

Can I connect to my VPN account from more than one computer?
Yes, you can but only one login per username is allowed at one time.
Can I use VPN on public computer?
Yes you can run it on any computer, but you will need superuser privileges to be able to configure and establish network connection.
Can I use openvpn under MacOS?

Yes, client for MacOS should be downloaded at

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