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Benefits of connecting to a VPN service

User Location Specific contents - for USA based user only -- If you are living in other countries, our US based VPN solutions will enable to watch movies on

Accessing Websites that are BLOCK by goverment or - Users or expats living in China and several other countries for example are unable to access these website due to web filtering by the government. By using either our USA, Singapore, Netherland based VPN service, you can securely bypass the Great Firewall and access these website. Click here to view a list of countries implementing web censoship.

Accessing popular VOIP Service - Skype in countries or ISPs that has block it.

Countries such as UAE, Kuwait, Some ISPs in China, Belarus, Bangladesh, Oman, Belize, Namibia and others are known to block users from their countries to access VOIP service such as Skype as well as other VOIP service such as Vonage and etc. By utilizing our VPN solutions, you can virtually
relocate yourself to the country our VPN server is located and continue to benefit from low call rates these VOIP providers offer.

Protecting yourself from sniffers while ejoying free or paid internet access from WIFI HotSpots.

We know that the mushrooming of WIFI hotspots (places where you can access the internet wirelessly for free, mostly) gave us the convenience to do many unknowingly information sensitive tasks such as checking our email account (which may contain many other login and sensitive information about yourself, work and etc) and doing some quick internet banking. Think again - Almost anyone can now download or purchase data sniffing software or devices and they can record / view all the data that passes by it. These data could be your logins credentials to your email account, internet banking service and others.

By connecting to a VPN service before performing such task will prevent sniffers from obtaining your private data as all data from and to your computer will be encryted.

You can read more about the dangers of Hot Spots and illegal sniffing activity below:

Anonyomous Web Surfing

There are time when we want to protect our identities or location when we are surfing the Internet. VPN service allows you to hide your real IP address which can be used to trace your location and more.

Making online purchase less hassle and more secure

Have you encounter situation whereby your order is automatically denied because you're in these some of these high risk countries. Many online shopping sites implement blanket ban on users from certain countries such as Bulgaria (BG), Cameroon (CM), Egypt (EG), Gambia (GM), Ghana (GH), Indonesia (ID), Iran (IR), Israel (IL), Lithuania (LT), Malaysia (MY), Morocco (MA), Nigeria (NG), Pakistan (PK), Romania (RO), Russia (RU), Turkey (TR), Ukraine (UA), Vietnam (VN) and Yugoslavia (YU).

Some ecommerce site that does not put on a blanket ban will request for an extensive identity validation from you should your order appears to be from one of above countries.

By connecting to our VPN, you virtually relocate yourself to the country whereby our VPN server resides (ie: USA, Singapore, Netherland) as your real IP is hide and you can proceed to make your order with ease.

Need a static IP to connect to certain application but your ISP does not offer them or offer them at ridiculous price?

By connecting to a VPN service, you can have a static IP instantly. In countries such as Malaysia, ISP offer static IP service at the cost 6 times higher than a dynamic IP. You will definitely safe money by using our VPN service to obtain a static IP. Static IP offer you a higher level of security when connecting to external databases, applications and more as access control based on IP address is rather easy to setup now.

Higher Security for everyday web surfing

Once you're connected to our VPN, a virtual and encrypted tunnel is established between your computer and our hardened and secure VPN server. Web surfing from thereon will be much safer as all data coming in and out of your computer is encrypted.

Achieving faster speed for P2P application

Many ISPs throttle down speed for P2P applications / protocols. By capitalizing on our VPN service, you will be able to bypass your ISP restriction as our VPN server is connected to the Internet at full 100M/bits.

Enjoy localised information or web content

By virtually relocating yourself to the country where our VPN server is located, you will be able to view websites as if you are accessing the website from the country. Many large organization such as BBC, CNN, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT uses specialized IP detection application to identify your location and customize it website for you.

There are time when you want to view the website based on a different country. Our VPN service enable you to do just that.

Market Research

Have you wondered how your website will rank when a user google it from USA when yourself & business is located in Singapore? By connecting to our US based VPN server first, before googling, you can get the real picture how your website rank or be seen by the users in USA or how your competitor websites rank.

SEO techniques can then be applied to improve your ranking in these countries. (Need SEO consultation, contact us)

Prevent your ISP from eavesdropping your Internet usage

Once you are connected to our VPN server, all your data will be encrypted and even your ISP will not be able to easily collect, eavesdrop and collect your usage habits and pattern. There are known cases whereby ISP eavesdrop on your web surfing pattern and use this information to build a profile of you which can be sold to a 3rd party for marketing or other purposes.

AccessVPN Plans

Flexihostings Premium VPN plans are designed to meet the needs of users who require high quality, reliable VPN connection and not meant for user to perform illegal transactions.

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